Retargeting 101

Learn how to get more customers from your current traffic sources by retargeting the right way | taught by Mike Hardenbrook
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Course Curriculum

Retargeting in Your Media Buys
Lesson 1: What is Retargeting
Lesson 2: Four Things You Can Do with Audience Data
Lesson 3: Five Places to Put Your Audience Pixels
Lesson 4: Two Common Mistakes with Retargeting Campaigns
Lesson 5: Four Ideas for Quickly Building Targeted Audience
Lesson 6: Three Reasons to Collect Audience Data Everywhere You Can
Bonus : Using Perfect Audience To Build An Audience
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Course description

Paid ads, SEO, Social Media Marketing... you're putting all your effort into getting traffic to your site... So don't waste them.

Get more conversions out of the traffic already coming to your website with retargeting.

In this course you'll learn how to leverage existing traffic into future conversions. The frameworks taught inside work for all niche markets and all types of business models.

It's ideal for you if you:

  • already get traffic to your website
  • have a monthly marketing budget of at least $500
  • want to improve conversions on your sales pages

This course could also be the ideal training tool for your team. They will learn how to leverage the power of retargeting. The easiest way to increase conversions across your marketing campaigns.

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Mike Hardenbrook
Mike Hardenbrook
Founder & TechStars Mentor

Mike's specialty is building startups quickly using the power of cold email. Recently building to $1.2 million in just 18 months using primarily cold email. His projects have been written about in Forbes, Inc., & Entrepreneur.

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Great intro to retargeting

by Lenny Ramirez